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17th Annual


"Diversity as a Tool in aikido"

January 15, 2022     9:00am- 2:15pm, Pacific Time



San Diego's "International Aikido Bridge Seminar" is an internationally known seminar hosted by Jiai Aikido. Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan started the Bridge Seminars at Jiai Aikido in 2005, so 2022 marks the 17th Anniversary of the San Diego Bridge. 

The instructors for this event will be:

Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, Lisa Tomoleoni Shihan, 

Patrick Cassidy Sensei, Dan Messisco Sensei,

and Cat Strada Sensei.

The date and time of the seminar will be SATURDAY, JANUARY 15TH from 9:00am - 2:15pm Pacific Time. We are holding pre-registration, so please use the PayPal link provided here. 

2022 San Diego Bridge Flyer.jpg

(Download flyer HERE)


(Pacific Standard Time)

9:00-9:30am Welcomes & warm up class with Strada Sensei 

9:30-10:30am  Cassidy Sensei 

10:30-11:30am Messisco Sensei 

11:30-11:45am Break

11:45am-12:45pm Tomoleoni Shihan 

12:45-1:45pm Ikeda Shihan

1:45-2:15pm Social Time 

**Please stay for the "Social Time"! Enjoy chatting with others, catching up with old friends, making new ones!


Sliding Scale: $50, $75, $100

(Please help us to support our wonderful instructors!)

Each individual should register, even if training as a group, via the PayPal button on this page.

A Zoom link will be emailed to registrants two days before the event. Dojo Cho planning on streaming from their dojo, please remind students to register individually.

Ikeda Sensei.png

Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan , 7th Dan

Chief Instructor, Boulder Aikikai, USA

Aikido Shimbokukai, Vice President

Hiroshi Ikeda is founder and chief instructor of Boulder Aikikai. He began his study of Aikido in 1968 at the aikido club of Kokugakuin University in Tokyo. Upon graduation, he trained regularly at Hombu Dojo and at Saotome Sensei's Remeijuki Dojo. In 1978 he moved to the U.S., and in 1980 established Boulder Aikikai. Ikeda Shihan is affiliated to Hombu Dojo through Aikido Shimbokukai, of which he is a Board Member and Vice President.​ He is one of the most sought after aikido Instructors worldwide, and a frequent Instructor at Aikido seminars in the U.S. and abroad.


Lisa Tomoleoni Shihan, 6th Dan


Director, Aikido Shimbokukai

Lisa Tomoleoni Sensei spent over 14 years in Japan training at the Aikido World Headquarters and teaching Aikido professionally at a dojo in Tokyo. She founded Abiding Spirit Aikikai in IL, and Aikido Shimbokukai, an organization Officially Recognized by the Aikikai Foundation and Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

patrick photo.jpg

Patrick Cassidy Sensei, 6th Dan

Montreux, Switzerland

Leader, Evolutionary Aikido Community

Dojo Cho, Aikido Montreux

Patrick Cassidy Sensei has been involved in Meditation/Yoga/Aikido for 40 years. He lived in Japan for almost 7 years, studying with Morihiro Saito Sensei in Iwama, and has also been inspired by Robert Nadeau Sensei, Yoshinobu Takeda Sensei and Peter Ralston. His Aikido has been influenced by the 3 years he spent in India, Nepal and Tibet focusing on Yoga and Contemplation.  He currently leads the Evolutionary Aikido Community, is the dojo cho of Aikido Montreux, and leads the Conscious Practice Institute which offers conflict transformation programs for caregivers at psychiatric facilities. 


Dan Messisco Sensei, 6th Dan

Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, USA

Dan Messisco Sensei has been training in martial arts since 1964. His martial arts background includes extensive training in both Korea and Japan. While in Japan he trained at Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan. Messisco Sensei studied under Mitsugi Saotome Shihan in Sarasota, Florida and under Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan in Boulder, Colorado. He received his Aikikai Yondan in Japan, Godan while studying in Pennsylvania, and Rokudan while in Michigan.

Cat headshot.JPG

Cat Strada Sensei, 3rd Dan

Dojo Cho, Jiai Aikido 


Aikido Shimbokukai Board Member

Cat Strada Sensei started Aikido at Jiai Aikido in 2007 under Jeff Sodeman Sensei. Now Dojo Cho, she offers innovative classes influenced by her systema and ju jutsu training, such as No-Gi Aikido, Applied Aikido, and Adaptive Aikido & Ukemi. Her Aikido is inspired by Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, Jeff Sodeman Sensei, Frank Doran Shihan, Christian Tissier Shihan, Mary Heiny Sensei, Morihiko Murashige Shihan, Kevin Choate Sensei, Lisa Tomoleoni Sensei, and BJJ Professor Roy Harris. Strada Sensei focuses on promoting individuality with her students, and an authentic approach to one's own body ability and training interests. 

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