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Adaptive Ukemi for Aikido Workshop

Benefit Event for Jiai Aikido

March 1, 2020     9 am - 12 noon

Cat Strada Sensei, 3 Dan,

Dojo Cho & Co-Chief Instructor

Please join us for this one day workshop focusing on adaptive ukemi for Aikido!

Learn about fundamental Aikido ukemi, and how to adapt it to our specific bodies, limitations, abilities, and goals.

With the right attitude and adjustments for safety one can be a great training partner, regardless of athleticism, age, weight, or experience.

This workshop will cover:

Fundamentals of Falling

Personalized Movement

Safety and Injury Prevention

Training with Injuries

"No Roll" Falling and Adaptations

There will be Discussion and Exploration of these topics, and the event is family friendly.

Come as you are. No judgements, just adjustments!

All levels of martial artists of any style are welcome!

Formal uniforms are optional- feel free to come in sweatpants and t-shirt!

Workshop Participation Fee: $35 in advance (online or by check), $50 at the door

(This is a fundraising event for Jiai Aikido, so even if you can't attend, if you'd like to support us feel free to use the PayPal link provided. Any and all support is greatly appreciated!)



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See you on the mat!

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