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AIKIDO -Getting out of a Slump!  (at Jiai Aikido and livestreamed)

Hosted by Jiai Aikido's "Imperfect Aikidoist Authentic Support Group" 

**UPDATE! Announcing our Main Instructors: 

AlejAndro Anastasio Sensei, 4th Dan - Aikido Shimbokukai

Jonathan Lewis Sensei, 5th Dan - ASU (Aikido Shimbokukai Supporting Member)

Cat Strada Sensei, 3rd Dan - Jiai Aikido, Aikido Shimbokukai



"After a year of Jiai Dojo being shut down for Covid safety protocols, I, along with others, find myself a bit in a slump. Emotionally, mentally, physically, and of course in training. 


Please join us in authentic connections to ourselves, and others, as we bring joy, fun drills, and serious training into our lives. This is not a panel discussion, though there will be a group lunch time chat & grub at the end. We will be moving around a lot, and practicing techniques, games, body movements, and applicable self-defense drills anyone can do on their own. Adaptations for ADA accommodations will be provided.


If you would like to open up about your 'slump' and contribute to a few practices that can help motivate yourself and others, please contact the dojo. We are looking for Guest  Instructors willing to open up about their own 'slumps'; any rank and affiliation is ok!" - Cat

Bring a jo or short stick, and a positive attitude to help yourself and the group get motivated!  

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*Saturday April 17th       *(Attendance is free but donations accepted.)

*9:00am-1:00pm (pst)

(Register through the paypal link above if you'd like to make a donation, or just email to recieve the link for the session!)

9:00-9:30am- Aikido/systema warm up games (Cat Strada Sensei)

9:30-10:30am - Alejandro Anastasio Sensei

<short break>

10:30-11:30am - Jonathan Lewis Sensei

11:30-12:30pm-  Cat Strada Sensei

<12:30-1:00pm- online picnic & social ( bring a sack lunch!)>

Main Instructors: 

Jonathan Lewis Sensei, 5th Dan

Boulder Aikikai


Aikido Shimbokukai Supporting Member

Jonathan Lewis began studying Aikido in 1976 at his college club with Steven Pimsler and Sibilla of the New York Aikikai. He joined the Bond Street Dojo under Terry Dobson and Ken Nissen shortly afterward. He continued at the Bond Street Dojo under Paul Kang Sensei and Saotome Sensei until moving to Japan, with Saotme Sensei's permission, for a short stay at the Kumano Juku Dojo under Hikitsuchi Sensei. After returning to the USA and the Bond Street Dojo, Jonathan moved out to California where he opened the Pacific Martial Arts studio with his partner Roberto Alvelais Shihan (Karate), which remained open for 7 years. In 2004, after a year-long road trip through Mexico with his wife and two dogs, he moved Boulder Colorado to study under Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei, where he continues to train today.
Jonathan has done training for various police departments and studied a number of other arts to round out his martial knowledge, including Eizan-ryu Jujutsu, Karate, Hsing Yi Chuan, Vee-Arnis Jiu-Jitsu, and others, but the vision of O-Sensei as passed to him through his direct teachers, has been the thread that runs through all his training since meeting Terry Dobson early on his Aikido path.

Alejandro pic.jpg

AlejAndro Anastasio Sensei currently holds the rank of Yon Dan or fourth degree black under the guidance of Aikido Shimbokukai and Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. He has over 23 years of Aikido experience and training. He owned and operated a full-time professional Aikido dojo for 10 years and has traveled extensively to further his understanding of Aikido and to share that knowledge with his students. AlejAndro's joyful teaching style and approach inspires students to take a deeper look into themselves through the practice of Aikido.

AlejAndro Anastasio Sensei, 4th Dan

Aikido Shimbokukai

Cat headshot.JPG

Cat Strada Sensei, 3rd Dan

Dojo Cho, Jiai Aikido

Aikido Shimbokukai

Cat Strada Sensei, Dojo Cho of Jiai Aikido in both San Diego and Julian, Ca., started aikido in 2007 under Jeff Sodeman Sensei and Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan. A promoter of authenticity in ourselves and training, she encourages individuality in her students. Passionate for Applied Aikido/actual self-defense, she encourages cross training, has started jiu jitsu, and incorporates several years of Russian systema and into her classes. She often teaches soft ukemi or focuses on relaxed and efficient movements. Cat founded the "Imperfect Aikidoist Authentic Support Group", and the "Adaptive Aikido"&  "Aikido for Weight Loss" programs to help people train with obesity, mental illness, or physical disabilities. She volunteers teaching aikido to groups including IRC refugees, Native American reservations, SD Deaf Community Services, and local high schools.

"Thank you to Anastasio Sensei and Lewis Sensei for the opportunity to train together!" 

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