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AIKIDO ALL LEVELS - Fundamentals to Advanced

In this class fundamental technique, principles, terminology, and etiquette are covered, providing the perfect foundation to enter the next level of learning. We also train at the highest levels of dynamic aikido & ukemi, as well as "applied aikido" classes for more self defense based training.   Open hand technique, weapons training, multiple attackers and all other aspect of advanced Aikido are practiced. There are higher energy classes, which offer a high level of consistent training for the most dedicated students. Contact us today to learn more. Classes are  open to beginners as well as those with experience. Get in touch with questions or to learn more.


These classes are taught by Cat Sensei, a practitioner of systema (a Russian combat art) for over 16 years, and is in the Certified Instructor process of consideration. These classes explore the incredible depth of systema's principles: posture, balance, relaxation, and breathwork...which combine incredibly well with the techniques and same principles in aikido. Classes include ground work, knife work, wall work, striking, receiving strikes,  kicks, and overall freedom of movement. This class reaffirms and focuses on the principles and techniques covered in the All Levels classes; often it adds perspective on modern day attacks or non-traditional situations. There is emphasis on falling safely, and students training in a healthy way in alignment with their own body's abilities.  Other basic self defense is incorporated into the Aikido drills, giving students a well rounded martial art platform. Classes go at the pace of those in attendance and all levels are welcome. Contact us for further information.  Just show up and wear something comfy; no uniforms required. 


This class, taught by Tom Liu Sensei, focuses on the mind-body connection and 
the development of integrated and relaxed internal power. 
Skills are developed through both solo and partner practices, with an emphasis on

relaxation, grounding, and posture. The class is open to all levels of Aikido students and serves as a complement to the other classes in the curriculum. It is also designed to be accessible to practitioners of other martial arts and 
anyone who is interested in learning to use their mind and body ina more integrated and effective manner. 


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LGBTQ+ Allies Sunday Aikido & Systema Classes

Like all Jiai Aikido and San Diego Systema classes....This class is open to
everyone regardless of identity, or lifestyle preferences. Classes are a
mix of all demographics and lifestyles.  Martial arts is in incredibly underserved
in the queer community, so Jiai Dojo has created specific classes
named for them, in our consistently 'safe space' for LGBTQ+ persons
to feel wanted, welcomed, and involved.



San Diego Systema has been San Diego's only professional Systema program since 2007, and started under Jeff Sodeman Sensei, a Certified Systema Instructor and 4th Dan in Aikido. It's now run by Cat Strada Sensei who is in the process of Certification, has trained since 2007, and attended or hosted multiple systema seminars including attending the Aikido-Systema Bridge Seminar in Moscow, Russia. Breathing, relaxation, movement, structure: the principles of Systema combine to form an effective    combat art. Your body’s natural movements are trained through drills and sparring, without fixed katas or set techniques. Students find practicing these   principles is useful in both combat and regular daily activities.

Originally used by the Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz), Systema is a complete system for anyone seeking better health, safety, enjoyment of life, and understanding of ones self. Since 2007 we’ve offered Systema, Aikido since 2004, and now, offer the unique Systema - Aikido Hybrid classes.

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