Aikido Basics/Fundamentals 

Classes are highly structured with a predetermined curriculum of techniques and principals that provide the newer student with a foundation of terminology and concepts.

You will be taught the concept of Aiki, dojo and training etiquette, beginning technique, and physical principles such as balance breaking, okyu (breath), and musubi (connection).  Classes aim at beginners if present, but all levels attend. 

Test Prep & Open Mat

These classes are an opportunity for students to get an extra partner or self study time, and work on whatever they want.


Open Test Prep Classes are workshop-style classes where each student gets to refer to their Member Binders, and focus on the material that they need to practice for their next test. Personalized instructions and corrections are available by sempai or instructors present.


Taught Test Prep Classes are structured with Instructors teaching in a class setting, only those topics required for a present student’s next test. The kyu and dan requirement worksheets in the Member Binders will help guide you in your training and help you track your progress.


Open Mat Sessions provide mat time outside of regular classes for independent practice. Pre-arranging a partner for using this time is recommended and students

can basically use any times the mat is open, until 10pm nightly. Students are responsible for bowing themselves in and out. There is no set structure other than what the students choose for themselves.


Aikido: Principles of Mind-Body Integration

This class focuses on the mind-body connection and 

the development of integrated and relaxed internal power. 

Skills are developed through both solo and partner practices, with an emphasis on visualization, relaxation, grounding, and posture. 

The class is open to all levels of Aikido students and serves as a complement to the other classes in the curriculum. 

It is also designed to be accessible to practitioners of other martial arts and 

anyone who is interested in learning to use their mind and body in

a more integrated and effective manner. 

Class is taught by Tom Liu Sensei, 4th Dan in Aikido and a skilled practitioner of Tai Chi.


Aikido Basics- Applied Self Defense

This class reaffirms and focuses on the principles and techniques covered in the Basics and All Levels classes; often  it adds perspective on modern day attacks or non-traditional situations. There is emphasis on falling safely, and students training in a healthy way in allignment with their own body's abilities.  Other basic self defense is incorporated into the aikido drills, giving students a well rounded martial art platform. Classes go at the pace of those in attendance and all levels are welcome. 

"THE ART OF PEACE is based on Four Great Virtues: Bravery, Wisdom, Love and Friendship, symbolized by Fire, Heaven, Earth and Water."

Morihei Ueshiba

Aikido All Levels

This class is for all level students from very beginner to the most advanced, and people train at their own pace. Open hand technique, weapons training, Randori (multiple attackers) and all other aspect of advanced Aikido are practiced, and partners help the newer students along. These higher energy classes, which offer a high level of consistent training for the most dedicated students.

Aikido Weapons

This class is for all level students and primarily focuses on the founding connection in aikido between weapons practice and open hand technique. Bokken (sword) & jo (staff) kata are trained, tantodori (knife defense), and weapon defense again single or multiple attackers. 

 Self Defense - Confidence - Coordination   Flexibility - Fitness - Grace - Balance Compassion - Sensitivity - Conflict Resolution -  Awareness -  Focus  Responsibility - Respect


Your child can learn all of these in a fun, friendly, cooperative, and supportive atmosphere in our Thursday Youth/Family class. The values and philosophy of Aikido make it the perfect martial art for growing bodies and minds. 


Youth classes for ages 5-12 has open enrollment anytime. Parents are encouraged to help with classes and assist if able. Children under the age of 10 require a parent on the mat with them.

Aikido Drill Class & Power Hour

 These classes are a perfect mid-day workout and way to fine tune your ukemi, technique, and freestyle work. A more casual class and often drill style based, we train repeated throwing & recieving, and breathing & fitness drills at the level comfortable for each student. Music is often up and talking is usually limited while we train. All levels welcome; Strada Sensei leads these classes.

Aikido Starting Schedule

As a beginning student you have the option of training up to 7 days per week including open mats. For good progress at least 2 times per week is recommended. All Aikido classes are open to beginners. Students take care of each other and train at the appropriate level. For safety, those who want to practice with more intensity will train on the far side of the mat. Beginners are encouraged to train with the experienced students. In all classes, students will be provided the fundamental skills and principles needed for a healthy aikido foundation.


Other Programs & the Aikido Students

We have a very large mat space we are happy to share, so various fitness programs and other martial art teachers use our facility during aikido off-hours. All Jiai students are welcome to cross train in any classes, but separate fees will apply to non-Aikido classes as they are all completely separate programs run by other instructors. 

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