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Queer Martial Arts Sunday Series
Intro to Martial Arts Workshop & Social

September 17, 2023     10am-12pm

Please join us for this one day introduction to martial arts workshop for the LGBTQ+ community on September 12th 2023.

This is IN ADDITION to the weekly Sunday LGBTQ Classes at 10am (Systema) and 11am (Aikido).

This workshop is part of the Queer Martial Arts Sunday Series. Each month we will provide a training and social experience for members of our community as well as LGBTQ+ friendly and affirming allies. We will introduce a variety of martial arts, alternating each month.

The September 17th event will offer training in:

*The Japanese Art of Aikido

*The Japanese Art of Karate

*The Russian Art of Systema

Beginners as well as those with martial arts experience are welcome! We will have a 10-15 minute break inbetween classes.  After training the group will go out for a social lunch! 

Formal uniforms are optional- feel free to come in sweatpants and t-shirt or anything comfortable!

Workshop Suggested Donation: $20 sliding scale. 

Please use PayPal link on this page or pay at the door

(Sliding scale at the door, if you can't contribute $20 pay what you can.)

Join us for training followed by social time at some fabulous TBD location in Hillcrest.

See you on the mat!


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