A HUGE Thank You to everyone who supported Jiai Aikido in our 2018 Fundraising Event!

Without you all, our dojo and the San Diego Martial Arts & Community Center would not be the same!


Naomi Barshi and Family

Debra Mamura Belter Sensei, Milwaukee Aikido Club 

Shawna Berry

Scott Bjerke

Frank Doran Sensei and Ursula Doran, Aikido West

Linda Eskin

Daniel Fernandez Sensei, Tampa Aikikai

Salvatore Forestieri Sensei, Tenshin Shinjitsu Dojo of Chicago 

Lincoln Foster

John Gralton Sensei, Milwaukee Shobukan, LLC 

Charles Harney, AuD

Rosalind Haselbeck, Catching H2O

Robert Hillier Sensei, Jiai Aikido

Robert Ishibashi Sensei, LA Aiki Kai 

David Ito Sensei, Aikido Center of Los Angeles

Todd Jones Sensei, American Butokukan

Richard L Judd

Manuel Laranjinha

George Ledyard Sensei, Aikido Eastside

Jae Sang and Christy Lee

Jamie Lewis

Tom Liu Sensei, Aikido West/Jiai Aikido

Nixon Morada

Dirk Muller Sensei, Shoshin Aikido Hamburg

Robin Nichols

Jay Palm

Master Ronaldo Quintos, Doce Pares San Diego

Master Chris Ranck-Buhr, Injury Dynamics

Kraig Rice Sensei, Aikido at Valhalla

Francisco Ruiz Sensei, Aikido School RVG Texas

John Sabo

Rick and Julie Santos

Jeff Sodeman

Cat Strada Sensei, Jiai Aikido

Eric Sun

Jonathan Teopaco

Lisa Tomoleoni Sensei, Aikido Shimbokukai

Dave Walton

Cathe Young

Jamie Zimron Sensei, The KiAi Way Inc 

Please join us on May 20 for our annual fundraiser. Rent has gone up exponentially, we have a variety of repairs and expenses, and we need a little help from the community. Join us for this day of training and fun!


Schedule is as follows:

9 am-1 pm Training

1 pm-1:30 pm ChopaThon!!!! Try your hand at 1,000 sword cuts! Everyone is welcome! No experince? No problem! No sword (wooden, please!!!)? No problem- bring you baseball bat, tennis racket, pool stick, broomstick, or light saber!!

Classes will be taught by:

Dave Goldberg Sensei, Aikido of San Diego

Cat Strada Sensei, Jiai Aikido

Lisa Tomoleoni Sensei, Aikido Shimbokukai

and Instructors from Doce Pares San Diego Eskrima!

Participation is on a Donation Basis. Also, feel free (we hope you will) to ask family, friends, coworkers to also donate to our wonderful dojo. Any support, of any size, is appreciated! Please help us keep bringing good things to the community!

For folks who want to support us sooner, or can't make it on May 20th, you can give a donation via PayPal to info@sandiegoaikido.com. Thank you in advance!


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