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Jiai Aikido Fundraiser Seminar

May 1, 9:00 am- 1:00 pm Pacific Time


We are in some tight times from covid, shut down for indoor classes for a whole year, but still....

Many good things are starting to happen again for Jiai Aikido. With the dojo able to hold indoor classes safely again, we are excited about getting back on the mat together.


However, we have about 3 months left on our lease, and we are counting on the new 'reopening guidelines' to light up the energy of the dojo again and be able to save our location!


If we have to move, we move, and many dojo do; but after 15 years, considering what a wonderful facility we have, all the great training and events we’ve had, we are going to give efforts one last big push!

Jiai has been the home base for many big events that have supported the entire Aikido community-

Jiai was the host of the original Aikido Bridge Seminar, and we just celebrated the 15th Anniversary of all Bridge Seminars this past January.


Please join us for this fundraising seminar on May 1. Everyone is welcome, all styles, all affiliations, all levels of experience. This seminar will be held both in person (maintaining all safety precautions, of course, and online via Zoom.

The schedule for the event is (Pacific Time):

9:00-9:45am Cat Strada Sensei 

9:45-10:30am  Ken Good

10:30-11:15am Tom Liu Sensei

11:15am-12:00pm Lisa Tomoleoni Shihan

12:00-1:00pm Ikeda Shihan 

We ask that attendees register via the PayPal link below. Registration is on a sliding scale ($50, $75, $100), but please feel free to contribute more if you are moved to do so, using the "Donate" button below. Also, we will not exclude anyone based on financial considerations, so please feel free to contact us. The link and login information will be sent out prior to the event, along with any requests of equipment from instructors.

Please use the PayPal button on the left to register and the button on the right for any additional contributions. (*Jiai Aikido is not a non-profit organization) Thank you!

Instructors for the event


Ikeda Sensei.png

Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan , 7th Dan

Chief Instructor, Boulder Aikikai

Aikido Shimbokukai, Vice President

Hiroshi Ikeda is founder and chief instructor of Boulder Aikikai. He began his study of Aikido in 1968 while at university. Upon graduation, he trained regularly at Hombu Dojo and at Saotome Sensei's Remeijuki Dojo. In 1978 he moved to the U.S., and in 1980 established Boulder Aikikai. Ikeda Shihan is affiliated to Hombu Dojo through Aikido Shimbokukai.​ 


Ken J. Good, Progressive Combat Solutions

Ken J. Good is a former Naval Special Warfare operator at SEAL Team One, and the Honor Graduate of BUD/S Class #105. His military experiences include land, sea, and airborne special warfare applications. He has trained thousands of military, law enforcement, and security professionals over the past 30 years through a variety of institutional and commercial enterprises. Mr. Good has also designed and patented several products for use in combative environments.


Lisa Tomoleoni Sensei, 6th Dan

Director, Aikido Shimbokukai

Lisa Tomoleoni Sensei spent over 14 years in Japan training at the Aikido World Headquarters and teaching Aikido professionally at a dojo in Tokyo. She founded Abiding Spirit Aikikai in IL, and Aikido Shimbokukai, an organization Officially Recognized by the Aikikai Foundation and Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. She is an Instructor of Jiai Aikido.


Tom Liu Sensei, 4th Dan

Tom Liu Sensei began his Aikido training in the early 1990s under Frank Doran Shihan at the Aikido West dojo and the Stanford Aikido Club. He received the rank of (4th Dan) from Doran Shihan under California Aikido Association in 2016.  Liu Sensei also practices Tai Chi, the Alexander Technique, and meditation and has been a regular Instructor at Jiai Aikido for several years. His primary interests are the exploration of the principles of mind-body integration and the development of integrated and relaxed power.

Cat headshot.JPG

Cat Strada Sensei, 3rd Dan

Dojo Cho, Jiai Aikido

Aikido Shimbokukai Board Member

Cat Strada Sensei started Aikido at Jiai Aikido in 2007 under Jeff Sodeman Sensei. Now Dojo Cho, she offers innovative classes influenced by her systema and ju jutsu training, such as No-Gi Aikido, Applied Aikido, and Adaptive Aikido & Ukemi. Her Aikido is inspired by Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, Jeff Sodeman Sensei, Frank Doran Shihan, Christian Tissier Shihan, Mary Heiny Sensei, Morihiko Murashige Shihan, Kevin Choate Sensei, Lisa Tomoleoni Sensei, BJJ Professor Roy Harris,  and combatives Instructor, Ken Good.

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