Sharing the Mat Space

Jiai has one of the cleanest and largest private dojos and open training space in Southern California, easily holding and parking over 100 people comfortably.  We offer our facility available for rent for appropriate martial art or fitness seminars depending on the particular use and if it would fit well inside the dojo.

We often host other aikido/martial art affiliations and various fitness instructors for their large regional events, by the hour, day, or week. We also offer hourly mat rental for those instructors wanting recurring class times. 

Current programs offered at our dojo include Genbu Taiko (Japanese drum classes), Progressive Combat Solutions, and Injury Dynamics. Below is a schedule of all the arts currently offered from Jiai Aikido, from various instructors. The mat can be split during all classes EXCEPT for Injury Dynamics. There is a 10pm class curfew nightly.  

Please contact Cat Sensei for more information on sharing our beautiful training space by renting out just the mat space, mat space and an office, or just access to our shared healing office.

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