Jiai's Youth Program

Self Defense - Confidence - Coordination - Flexibility - Fitness

 Grace - Balance - Compassion - Sensitivity - Conflict Resolution

Awareness - Focus - Responsibility - Respect

Your child can learn all of these in a fun, friendly, cooperative, and supportive atmosphere in our Thursday Youth/Family Class.

The values and philosophy of aikido make it the perfect

martial art  for growing bodies and minds.


A Little More Info for the Parents...



We never want a child to feel like they are forced to be in our class, or to test. If they are sick or just not up for training we would prefer they stay at home (or they are always welcome to watch) and the dojo is given notice whenever possible. In the case of minor injuries or feeling a little off, please just let us know what is going on so we can keep an eye on them.  Occasionally the dojo will need to cancel a class and will give as much notice as possible, as well as try to reschedule the class. However, fees are non-refundable unless there have been more than 2 cancellations per month, in which case subsequent cancellations will be credited back to the membership. 


How to Help Us Grow!

The best advertising for us is word-of-mouth. Feel free to grab some of our business cards or flyers to post in coffee shops, parks, schools, etc. to help our kid’s program grow.  If you’d like to help in class please feel free to let Sensei know.  We are also often looking for parents to help with classes, or with other project around the dojo. The dojo gladly accepts financial or other facility donations, and scholarship funds to pay forward for other youth.


Visiting & Guests in the Dojo

For safety and liability reasons only members of the dojo are allowed on the mat, including before and after class, unless an instructor is present and it’s deemed alright. Visitors are always welcome.


Monthly Dues

Aside from the $69 monthly fee which is drawn on autopay, there are Testing Fees of $40.00. Testing fees help keep general membership costs down, and help cover the overhead of the facility, program supplies, and uniforms that are donated to youth on scholarships. All of our Instructors at Jiai Aikido are volunteers.


Interaction During Class

It is very important for your child’s safety and growth that they aren’t distracted by those off the mat while training. Please discourage eye contact or attempts to talk to you from your child while they are in class. Looking to you for reassurance during training can be dangerous. If something important needs to be said between you and your child it should be passed through the instructor. Of course, parents are always welcome to train on the mat during the class, and interact with their child in this manner. Children under the age of 10 require a parent on the mat with them.

School Etiquette: All members and visitors are asked to respect the dojo’s etiquette:

•   Students are responsible for presenting themselves properly. Uniforms must be clean      and hemmed. Please remove shoes and place them in the racks at the front or back

    door. Please turn cell phones off.

•   Conversation should be kept to a level that can’t be heard by the students. Movement

    around the school should be minimal. Onlookers are welcome to move about as

    needed, and/or wait in the reception or viewing areas.  First aid is always available and

    students are welcome to use it as need be. Students should be told by parents and the

    dojo to let us know immediately if they feel hurt or need some other attention.

Jiai Aikido Youth Testing Program Requirements

* There is no set waiting or training time required between Stripes. Stripe Testing is at the instructors' discretion. Class requirements shown here represent times required between Full Color Ranks. There is a $40 Testing Fee for Full Color Ranks.


Youth Ranking
*Beginners enter automatically ranked 8th Kyu and promote up through 1st Kyu, then to Shodan (Blackbelt).


White Belt - Hachikyu (8th Kyu). 

Beginners start automaticly  8th Kyu ( to earn 3 Yellow Stripes).


Yellow Belt - Nanakyu (7th Kyu) 
20 Classes
(3 Orange Stripes)


Orange - Rokkyu (6th Kyu)
 20 Classes
(3 Green Stripes)


Green - Gokyu (5th Kyu)
30 Classes
(3 Red Stripes)


Red - Yonkyu (4th Kyu)
30 Classes
(3 blue stripes)


Blue - Sankyu (3rd Kyu)
40 Classes
(4 purple stripes)


Purple - Nikkyu (2nd Kyu)
50 Classes
(4 brown stripes)


Brown - Ikkyu (1st Kyu)
60 Classes
(5 black stripes)


Junior Shodan ( Youth Blackbelt)
80 Classes

Junior Shodan transfers to adult Nikyu (2nd Kyu) at age 15.




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